Apr 14 - Taiwan to Begin Mandating Cell Phone and CD Recycling

The Environmental Protection Administration in Taiwan announced this week that individuals failing to recycle cell phones or optical discs (CDs and DVDs) people may face fines of up to $184.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) announced yesterday that recycling of mobile telephones and compact discs (CD) will be enforced beginning on Monday.

The EPA said that mobile phones and CDs must now be handed to garbage collectors when people bring out their household waste.

If mobile phones or CDs are found among normal household waste, violators will first be given a warning.

Enforcing such a policy is easier in Taiwan than other countries because they have no huge trash bins for residents to dispose of their garbage. Garbage and recycling trucks make stops in every neighborhood at specified times each day so residents can throw out their trash. The Taipei Times article also notes that people are trying to find ways to recycle CDs.

In 2004, California passed the CAW sponsored AB 2901, which requires all cell phone retailers to have a take back program in place at no cost to consumer dropping off their used cell phones for recycling that goes into effect July 1, 2006.