Apr 14 â€" AAA 5th Annual Great Battery Roundup in Nor Cal

The Public Safety Reporter for Oroville, Ca’s Mercury Register writes that AAA is offering free collection of used car and boat batteries in Oroville (Northern California) at over 100 locations. Briggs-Firestone, a vehicle and truck repair shop, has offered to be the free drop off point for all of the batteries AAA collects.

Getting rid of old vehicle and boat batteries will make your home and garage safer, and Briggs-Firestone of Oroville is offering a free drop-off location for those batteries through April 22, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

AAA of Northern California is having its 5th annual 'Great Battery Roundup,' and people are encouraged to bring any number of old vehicle or boat batteries to any of 118 convenient locations for recycling. Briggs-Firestone has volunteered to be AAA's drop-off location for batteries in Oroville.

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California already has an incentive system in place for lead-acid batteries, and the recycling rate for those batteries is relatively high compared to the less than 1% recovery rate for household batteries. In Oroville, residents also have an incentive to recycle their car batteries because AAA will be donating $2 to local non-profits for every battery it receives.

CAW sponsored legislation AB 2271 (Koretz) will establish a $0.10 Consumer Refund Value on all household (Alkaline) batteries to stimulate better battery recycling rates in California. Maybe we can ask AAA to include all primary batteries in their Annual Great Battery Roundup next year.