Apr 11 - Rising Scrap Metal Prices Prompt New Recycling

Record high scrap prices have prompted many to cash in on old pieces of metal. The Spokesman (Spokane, WA), reports that prices have reached as much as $2 a pound for copper scraps and everything from copper pipes, spools of wire and metal doors have been returned for the money.

As a result of the high prices, construction sites have been targets of scrap metal theft, thus an increase in precautions to reduce the possibly of stolen metal. The demand for such high prices comes as a result of the Chinese economy hunger for copper, aluminum and steel.

Old drain spouts, window screens, electrical wire, engine parts, even the metal panels from campers are fetching record high prices at local scrap-metal dealers.

"It's as good as it's ever been," said Jim Schrock, owner of Earthworks Recycling in Spokane. "It's finally worth it to scrap out things that have been sitting around."

Aluminum cans always have been a staple of recycling programs. Prices for cans are topping 60 cents a pound in some parts now. Other commodities are bringing even bigger payouts, including copper scrap, which is going for as much as $2 a pound for the shiniest, least-blemished pieces of pipe and wire.

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