Mar 13 - British Create Butt and Gum Pollution Fine

Cigarette butts and chewed up wads of gum litter and muck up city streets everywhere. Environmental news website reports on Butts & Gum: Preventing Forest Fires, who have developed portable ashtrays and gum pouches for cigarette ends and bubblegum blobs.

Throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales people are being fined at least £50 for dropping cigarette butts and chewing gum, and councils are spending hundreds of millions of pounds on removing such litter from our streets. Our Gum Pouch and Butt Pouch provide effective, sustainable solutions for reducing and eventually eradicating cigarette and chewing gum litter.

Butts & Gum anti-litter pouches provide affordable means of cigarette and gum disposal while on the move. They simply prevent litter from being dropped, so the user will not face a litter fine and the environment will avoid the damaging effects of littered cigarette butts and chewing gum.

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CAW sponsored SB 942 (Chesbro), a two-year bill, which would propose a ten cent/pack fee, revenues used to finance local litter clean-ups, cigarette butt litter education, and help provide some additional assistance to smoking cessation and prevention programs.