Mar 8 - France Applies EPR strategy to Junk Mail Distributors reports that distributors of unsolicited mail in France will have to help pay for recycling of the resultant waste under a decree agreed by the council of ministers last week. The sector has been put on notice that if it fails to cooperate the government will introduce a junk mail tax.

The French environment ministry has announced new directions in waste policy for the next ten years. Issued during the national conference on waste, the announcement follows a public consultation this spring.

The ministry says that, after a decade spent reducing dioxin and heavy metal-contaminated waste and promoting recycling, policy should now focus on preventing waste and addressing soaring costs of waste management.

Among the few concrete new targets, it says that the amount of household waste going to landfills or incinerators should be reduced from 290kg per head now to 250kg within five years and to 200kg within ten years.

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