Mar 8 - Working Group Recommends Diversion Credit for Conversion Technology

Governor Schwarzenegger's Bioenergy Interagency Working Group released a draft action plan recommending that conversion technology facilities be granted diversion credit under AB 939.  CAW strongly opposes diversion credit for conversion technology facilities. Last year, the CIWMB (a member of the Group) withdrew a similar recommendation. 

The collaboration of state agencies formed to promote biobased fuel, energy and products, is having its first stakeholder workshop March 9, 2006.

The working group, which includes the California Public Utilities Commission, Energy Commission, Department of Food and Agriculture, Air Resources Board, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and the State Water Board,  has been meeting regularly since May 2005, and has collaborated with biomass industry representatives as well as with the conversion technology trade association, the Bioenergy Producers Association.