Mar 7 - US EPA Seeks Input on National Recycling Goals

The US EPA is seeking input on its DRAFT 2006-2011 U.S. EPA National Strategic Plan by March 31, 2006. Goal 3.1.1. (language attached) relates to waste reduction and recycling targets. Feel free to comment on any sections.

The EPA's current strategic plan calls for 35% recycling by 2008.

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Objective 3.1: Preserve Land. By 2011, reduce adverse effects to land by reducing waste generation, increasing recycling, and ensuring proper waste management of waste and petroleum products at facilities in ways that prevent releases.

Sub-objective 3.1.1: Decrease Waste Generation and Increase Recycling. Through 2011, reduce adverse effects to land by diverting materials from disposal through increased material reuse and recycling.

Strategic Targets:

  • By 2011, decrease the total amount of municipal solid waste disposed at landfills and combustion facilities by xx tons, from XX (tons) in YYYY (year).
  • By 2011, increase recycling of the total annual municipal solid waste produced to 40% from 30.6% in 2003.
  • By 2011, increase reuse and recycling of construction and demolition debris by XX% from a baseline of YY% in 200X.
  • By 2011, increase the use of coal combustion ash to 50% from XX% in 200X.
  • By 2011, increase by XX%, from XX% in year YYYY, the number of Tribes covered by an integrated waste management plan that has been approved by an appropriate governing body within the last 5 years.
  • By 2011, reduce the number of open dumps on Tribal lands by XX%, from XX% in year YYYY.

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