Mar 4 - Journalists Blocked from Reporting on China E-waste Recycling

The International Freedom of Expression (IFEX) today reported that two journalists were prevented from reporting on conditions at E-waste recycling facilities in the chinese village of Guiya:

(RSF/IFEX) - Two foreign television crews have had footage seized by henchmen of the owners of a huge electronic waste recycling centre in Guiyu (Guangdong province, southern China) over the past two weeks.


"It is absolutely unacceptable that Chinese or foreign journalists should be banned from working in Guiyu, believed to be the world's biggest toxic waste site," said RSF.

Guiyu was the subject of a documentary report 'Exporting Harm' in 2002 by Basal Action Network, which exposed the public health and environmental abused associated with the improper management of e-waste exported to Asia for recycling.