Mar 2 - UK Beverage Company urges Customers to Lobby Local Officials for Recycling

In an ironic twist on the notion of 'producer responsiblity' today reportsed that the UK beverage company Innocent is organizing a 'grassroots' effort to demand that local governments in the UK accept their aseptic packaging for recycling in locally funded programs:

Drinks manufacturer Innocent is calling on its customers to write to councils to demand recycling schemes for Tetra Pak cartons.

The company, which specialises in fruit juice drinks and smoothies, has provided a letter template on its website for people to write to their local authority if there is not a Tetra Pak scheme available in their neighbourhood.

Innocent is steering customers towards the website with statements on the labels of its products.

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Efforts to recycling the multi-layer plastic and aluminium packages produced by Tetra Pak have proven largely unsuccessful in the US and elsewhere due to the high cost of seperating the materials and the low value of the plastic component. However, Tetra Pak claims the packages are successfully being recycled in some places. No word on whether Innocent or Tetra Pak have offered to help offset the cost of recycling their packaging.

Materials made from recycled Tetra Paks put to use in the Philippines
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