Feb 26 - Survey: CA Voters Overwhelmingly Green

A new statewide survey by the non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California revealed that 87% of California voters say candidate’s positions on the environment and coast will be important in the 2006 gubernatorial elections. That may be bad news for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The same survey revealed that just 28% approve--compared to 47% that disapprove--of the Governor's policies on the environment and coast. The survey also found that voters across the political spectrum support reducing ocean and beach pollution, even if it means paying higher taxes (Democrats 80%, independents 73%, Republicans 68%). That news should support momentum for CAW's recently launched Plastic Litter and Waste Reduction Campaign, which targets plastic bags, packaging and waste. The campaign was launched in large part to address the crisis of plastic litter and waste in the marine environment. Two of the centerpieces of that campaign are: AB 2449 by Assembly Member Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys), and SB 1573 by Senator Richard Alarcon ( D-San Fernando Valley). Both measures, which were introduced last week, target plastics and packaging waste.