Feb 14 - SF officials Call for Extended Producer Responsibility

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on February 14, to pass a resolution that supports statewide legislation and local initiatives requiring Extended Producer Responsiblity for collecting and recycling their products at the end of their useful life. Starting with toxic electronic products, the Supervisors are directing San Francisco's Department of the Environment to identify and recommend local extended producer responsibility policies as well as work with necessary agencies to develop producer responsibility language for inclusion in City contracts.

CAW is sponsoring a package of legislation to be introduced next week, establishing producer responsiblity for the phase-out in the use of toxic materials in consumer electronics, and developing and financing recycling schemes for both toxic electronics and plastic bags and packaging.

San Francisco has long been a leader in advancing environmental policy and programs, and this latest resolution represents an excellent model that will hopefully be emulated by agencies across the state.