Pushing for New Recycling Solutions for CRT Glass

As LED and LCD television and computer screens continue to take over the world, old fashioned Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) devices (those bulky old TVs and computer monitors) are getting thrown out in record numbers. 

The good news is that a large chunk of CRT glass (known as CRT panel glass) is recyclable, while a smaller portion contains lead (known as CRT funnel glass) and has limited end-use options. However, state regulations that govern CRT panel glass recycling have not kept up with the changing tide of recycling options. This has left recyclers with two options: stockpile or landfill. 

This is troubling because both stockpiling and landfilling come with unwanted environmental consequences. 

We're sponsoring AB 1419 (Eggman) which will create a recycling framework for CRT panel glass. This glass has been processed and rendered harmless for most end-use options. This bill clearly differentiates which recycling markets are appropriate for this material. 

Email your legislator letting them know you support AB 1419.