Right to Recycle

Does your apartment, school, or business have recycling services? They should.

AB 341 (by Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro), signed into law in 2013, is a landmark piece of legislation that has moved California forward from landfilling to waste reduction, recycling, and composting, by creating a commercial recycling program. The bill expanded recycling to the underserved apartment and business sectors by requiring all businesses that generate above 4 cubic yards of solid waste, or apartments with 5 or more units, to have recycling service.

Despite our efforts, and over five years of AB 341 as California law, businesses and apartment complexes up-and-down the state are refusing to get on board. Unfortunately, state officials can’t keep track of every business and apartment complex. We need your help busting the offenders.

You can report them here: http://tiny.cc/righttorecycle

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