SB 1118 (Hancock, 2011-12) Mattress Recycling

SB 1118 would help reduce illegal mattress dumping by requiring manufacturers to take back used mattresses at the end of life at no cost to the consumers.

Manufacturers are responsible for developing, financing and implementing a convenient and cost effective program to collect and recycle used mattresses generated in this state.

Position and Status
CAW supports. SB 1118 passed the Assembly Floor with a resounding 48-31 vote. But the bill did not pass the Senate Floor when it came up for a "concurrence" vote before the constitutional midnight deadline to pass legislation, killing the bill.

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California State Association of Counties
California Product Stewardship Council
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Stockton
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DR3 Mattress Recycling
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Republic Services, Inc.
Sierra Club
Sunset Waste Systems
Tuolumne County Solid Waste Division
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Zanker Road Resource Mgmt, Ltd

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Manufacturers are Responsible for implementation of a recovery and recycling program

The recession hit everyone hard, especially local governments. That’s why local governments can no longer afford to subsidize the cost of cleaning up and disposing of used mattresses.

California taxpayers and local governments are already paying major costs for the clean up and disposal of used mattresses. And because of the lack of a convenient and efficient collection and recycling system, tens of thousands of mattress are illegally dumped or simply left on the curbside. Implementing the comprehensive collection and recycling system proposed by SB 1118, will lower the current cost of used mattress management. Yes, this cost will have to be paid for by manufacturers, and not taxpayers.

Phased in Recycling Target 
25 % by 2015 
50% by 2017
75% by 2020

The recycling targets in SB 1118 are the same targets and timeframe adopted by the state for all solid waste – 75% recycling by 2020.

Creating Green Jobs Existing CA recycling policies have created more than 125,000 green jobs in the state and generated $10 billion in goods and services annually. SB 1118 will build on this trend.