SB 1335 (Allen) - Sustainable Food Packaging at State Parks, Beaches, and Facilities

Summary: SB 1335 would help California meet its waste diversion goals by ensuring that all disposable food packaging provided at food service facilities serving to, or located in, a state agency or facility, or from a concessionaire on state property - such as a state park or beach - is recyclable or compostable. "Packaging" would include all bowls, cups, plates, containers, and trays.

For easy compliance with this measure, this bill would require CalRecycle to host and maintain a list of materials that are in compliance with SB 1335, including thermoformed polyethylene terepthalate (PET, plastic resin #1), paper or paperboard, aluminum, or compostable plastic - materials that have demonstrated their ability to be recycled in California. CalRecycle may update this list at any time, but no less frequently than every five years. 

Position & Status: CAW is sponsoring this bill

  • Introduced February 16th, 2018

  • Passed Senate Natural Resources Committee on April 24, 2018 with amendments
    Watch the bill hearing, including CAW's testimony at 6:06

  • Amended April 25, 2018 in to incorporate clarifying amendments by the Natural Resources Committee.

  • Amended May 7, 2018 to ease compliance by food vendors with a publically accessible list of acceptable materials.

  • Passed the Senate Floor May 30, 2018

  • Passed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on June 25, 2018. Watch the bill hearing at 16:30 and CAW's testimony at 18:52.

  • Placed on suspense file in Assembly Appropriations Committee

  • Passed Assembly Appropriations Committee on August 17, 2018 with amendments to clarify that the bill applies to all food operations on state properties, such as foodtrucks.

  • Passed Assembly Floor Vote on August 31, 2018.

  • Passed Senate Floor concurrence vote on August 31. 2018.

  • SIGNED INTO LAW! September 20, 2018

CAW Staff Contact: Kelly McBee, (916) 443-5422

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