SB 1344 (Chesbro, 2005-06) Plastic Container Recycling

Summary. Expands compliance options under existing plastic container recycling law for manufacturers that utilize California generated recycled plastic.

Status. The bill was signed by the Governor on August 22, 2006 and has been chaptered by the Secretary of State.

Description. Existing law requires every rigid plastic packaging container, as defined, sold or offered for sale in this state, to generally meet one of specified criteria, including being made of 25% postconsumer material. Existing law provides that a manufacturer is in compliance with that 25% requirement criteria if the manufacturer makes a demonstration with regard to the consumption of postconsumer material in the manufacture of a rigid plastic packaging container, whether or not that container is subject to those criteria, or a demonstration regarding the exportation of that material to another state or country. The bill would revise the conditions by which a manufacture may demonstrate compliance with that 25% requirement, to include the consumption or export of postconsumer materials used for the manufacture of other plastic products and plastic packaging and would delete the inclusion of postconsumer material that is exported to another country.

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