SB 1345 (Chesbro, 2005-06) Composting

Updates State Rules for Use of Compost.

SB 1345 was put on hold in the Senate Committee on Appropriations in 2006. 

SB 1345, as introduced, Chesbro Environmental quality: publiccontracts: recycled products: compost.

(1) Existing law provides various procedures and requirements pertaining to the purchase of recycled items by the state, including,among other things, compost, cocompost, and mulch. This bill would increase, to 90%, the minimum content of certain materials, that would otherwise normally be disposed of in landfills,of which the recycled compost, cocompost, and mulch must consist.

(2) Existing law requires the Department of General Services andthe Integrated Waste Management Board, in consultation with otheraffected state agencies to maintain specifications for the purchaseof compost by the state, as prescribed.


This bill would additionally impose that duty upon the Departmentof Transportation.

Current language, analyses, and votes

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