SB 1383 (Lara)- Super Pollutants

Summary: This bill creates goals for short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) reductions in various industry sectors, this includes reduction goals for black carbon, fluorinated gases, and methane. The methane emission reduction goals include a 75% reduction in the level of statewide disposal of organic waste from 2014 levels by 2025.

Position and Status: CAW is supporting the bill.

  • Passed the legislature August 31st, 2016
  • Signed into law by Governor Brown September 19th, 2016

Description: This bill would require the State Air Resources Board to adopt a strategy to reduce emissions of SLCPs, also known as Super Pollutants, in order to achieve a reduction in methane by 40%, hydrofluorocarbon gases by 40%, and anthropogenic black carbon by 50% below 2013 levels by 2030.

SLCPs are powerful greenhouse gases are much more potent than carbon dioxide and have dramatic and detrimental effects on human health and climate change. Reducing these emissions will have immediate beneficial impacts on climate and public health.

Organic materials comprise two-thirds of the waste stream and even the best landfills only capture half to three quarters of the gas while they operate, and no gas capture system can capture emissions before it is installed or for the decades after its removal. When managed outside the landfill, these same materials can be made into a valuable soil amendment that sequesters carbon, increases soil water holding capacity, prevents erosion, and reduces the need for, and impacts of, synthetic fertilizers. 

This bill also aims to divert 20% of edible food that is currently being disposed of, to be recovered for human consumption by 2025. In addition to avoiding landfill methane emissions, the diversion of edible food from landfills allows for a new opportunity to feed the millions of food insecure Californians.Food waste prevention and rescue programs capture the value of food to be put to better use, creating a more efficient food system

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