SB 1573 (Alarcón, 2005-06) Packaging Waste Reduction - Support

Requires the California Integrated Waste Management Board to update of the Preferred Packaging Procurement Guidelines, originally published by the board in 1994, so as to provide specified information to the private sector and recommend specific changes in state law to assist in reducing and preventing packaging waste.

Although the bill passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee on April 24, it was held under submission in the Senate Appropriations Committee in May 2006.

This bill was amended to require the State Waste Board to update guidelines for packagers to curtail superfluous packaging and incorporate recyclable materials and designs. The updated guidelines would be more specific and current for the public sector as well as include recommendations in state law to address packaging waste. A 2003 U.S. EPA analysis of the Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste found that containers and packaging accounted for more than 74 million tons of waste--the single largest component (31.7%). The cost burden on local governments and taxpayers for managing packaging waste is conservatively estimated at more than $1.5 billion annually. SB 1573 is intended to address the environmental and economic costs of excess packaging waste on California by directing producers to take responsiblity for reducing that waste.

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