SB 515 (Corbett, 2011-12) Household Battery Recycling Bill

Summary. Product stewardship for household batteries

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 515 was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is now a dead bill. Previously, it passed out of Senate Environmental Quality Committee  4/4/2011 with a 5-2 vote.

Description. Producers of household batteries (such as alkaline, rechargeable, nickel-cadmium and other batteries typically generated as household waste) must submit a stewardship plan to Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and implement the plan upon its approval by DTSC. SB 515 will also require battery manufacturers to meet recycling goals each year and report data to the Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery who will oversee the implementation of each manufacturer’s stewardship plan.

SB 515 will help local governments’ bottom lines by saving tax-payer money used to manage toxic battery waste. It will also create green jobs recycling and collecting batteries. In addition, battery stewardship will help California’s environment by ensuring that battery waste is properly managed.

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