SB 723 (DeSaulnier, 2009-10) - E-waste Payment Adjustment

SB 723 would authorize the CIWMB to adjust E-waste Collector and Recycler payments annually, rather than every two years.

Position and Status.
CAW Supports.  This bill died with the close of the legislative session.

The current e-waste collector and recycler payments were adopted by the board on May 20, 2008 and were effective July 1, 2008. They are set to remain in effect until July 1, 2010. These ‘new’ payments are based on cost data from 2007. But in 2007, recyclers were receiving record high scrap prices. This in part resulted in the CIWMB lowering collection and recycling payments by 18.75%.

In 2008, market scrap values dropped to record low levels. With this drop in scrap value, the payments are no longer sufficient to cover local government and recyclers' costs.  While the Waste Board recognizes this deficiency, they lack the statutory authority to adjust the payments until July 1, 2010.

SB 723 provides the Waste Board with the authority to make more timely adjustments of payments that are reflective of current cost and revenue data.

CAW Staff Contact. 

Teresa Bui (916) 443-5422

Current Actions. 
Support letters are needed for its upcoming Sen EQ hearing. 

Senator Mark DeSaulnier
State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814 

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