SB 920 (Yee, 2009-10) - Phone Book Opt-Out

Summary. SB 920 will help reduce waste and consumer utility costs while conserving resources and protecting the environment by making it easier for consumers to opt-out of receiving unwanted directories.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. SB 920 died on the senate floor, with a 12-18 vote. It previously passed Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee 4/20/10 and passed Senate Appropriations with 6-4 vote.

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Description. Phone books have become obsolete in the age of fast internet connection and mobile phone apps. According to consumer surveys, 76% of respondents state that they ‘never’ use telephone directories. Another 20% say they rarely use them. Yet, it takes trees and energy to produce these phone books, and recycling them is a burden to local government and taxpayer dollars. SB 920 would strengthen the current opt-out requirements so that the opt-out phone number would be more prominently displayed on the phone book covers.

CAW Staff Contacts.

Teresa Bui (916) 443-5422

Senator Leland Yee 
State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814

Current Language, Analyses and Votes.

Californians Against Waste (sponsor)
California Resource Recovery Association
Natural Resources Defense Council  
Environment California
Planning and conservation League


California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation
California Chamber
California Communications Association
Frontier Communications
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Product Development Corporation
Valley Yellow Pages
World Color
Yellow Pages Association

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