Wine Corks
Yemm & Hart located in Fredericktown, Missouri recycles old wine and champagne corks mailed to them by consumers into wall and floor tiles. 
Recork is North America's largest natural wine cork recycling program with hundreds of convenient drop off locations.
Cork Reharvest collection boxes are placed in grocery stores, wine and bottle shops,and winery tasting rooms.                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Potato Chip Bags
Terracycle is an eco-friendly organization that makes awesome products from typically non-recycled items.

Flip Flops
Terracycle is an eco-friendly organization that makes awesome products from typically non-recycled items.

Roof Shingles
Roofs to Roads takes old shingles, grinds them up and then mixes them with hot asphalt to pave roads.

Got a bra or few in good, functional condition to donate? The Bosom Buddy Program will donate your pre-loved bra to a woman in need, whether through shelters or other programs that help women gain self-sufficiency.

Soaps and Shampoos
Clean the World is a non-profit group that’s collecting these discarded materials from hotels for redistribution around the world. In the process, Clean the World has put over 21,000 soap bars and 50 gallons of shampoo and conditioner back into human use, simultaneously eliminating over 4 tons of waste.

Sports Equipment
Play It Again Sports has 21 locations around California where you can sell, trade, or donate used sports equipment so that you don't have to throw it out.  Bring your no longer needed or wanted quality used sports gear  so your gear can play again with someone else.

Baby Car Seats

Before you consider recycling your old car seat, consider donating it so long as it's still in working condition. Yolo County and LA County offer curbside pickup for old car seats, just be sure to follow special instructions. If you don't live in those counties you can mail in old car seats, strollers, swings, high chairs, jumpers, and diaper bags to the BabyEarth RENEW Recycling Program.

If you know of places that recycle unique, strange or hard-to-recycle items, we would love to hear about it! Please email us at

Your Local Community Recycling

California County Waste and Recycling Resources - Browse by county to find out where to recycle unwanted materials.

County of San Mateo RecycleWorks - Great site with its own searchable database for harder-to-recycle items like electronics and appliances for residents of San Mateo County.

San Francisco's Department of the Environment also has a similar searchable database for hard items to recycle such as polystyrene, personal care products and garden furniture.

L.A. Shares
- A non-profit program that takes tax-deductible donations of reusable goods & materials (both new & used) from the local business community. LA Shares redistributes these items free of charge to non-profit agencies and schools throughout Los Angeles.

Other Recycling Services

Earth's 911
- A ZIP code based directory of recycling options near you. You can
also call their toll-free number 1 (800) CLEAN-UP/ 1 (800) 253-2687 

- A free program run by the State of California that helps businesses
find markets for non-hazardous materials that are normally discarded. 



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