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Californians Against Waste Tuesday September 02, 2014

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Yes On SB 270

SB 270: Bag Battle Heats Up

The State Senate passed SB 270 on August 29, 2014, right after the Assembly passed the bill to ban plastic grocery bags on August 28. It now advances to Governor Jerry Brown for consideration.


The opposition is sparing no lies or money to stop the bill. The plastic bag industry has spent six figures on their latest ad blitz alone!


It's a David vs. Goliath battle, but your contribution today will help us rebut the industry's blatant lies and flashy commercials. 

And if you haven't already, take action and share it with your friends.

You CAN make a difference in the Sacramento debate on plastic bags--make an online donation now.




Take Action

Take Action on Single Use Plastic Bags

Introduced in the 1970s, the now ubiquitous plastic grocery bag costs millions in litter management on our streets, our waterways, and even our recycling facilities and landfills. Everywhere we look, whether we are on the coast or inland, we cannot escape this visual blight which also poses a hazard for our wildlife through ingestion or entanglement.

Senate Bill 270 (by Senators Padilla, de Leon, and Lara) would reduce these unnecessary costs and impacts by prohibiting single-use plastic grocery bags in California stores. Alternative bags can be sold for ten cents each. Local ordinances already in place, which currently cover a third of the state's population, would be grandfathered in.

SB 270 passed the California State Senate on August 29, 2014, and passed the Assembly Floor the day before. Governor Jerry Brown has until midnight on September 30 to sign the bill into law.

Take action and urge Governor Brown to sign this bill!


icon_caw_top_priority Our Top Priority Legislation

AB 1826 (Chesbro) - Organics Recycling

Summary. AB 1826 will drive the recycling of yard trimming and food scraps by requiring commercial generators to subscribe to composting or anaerobic digestion service for their organic waste. 

Position and Status.

CAW is sponsoring AB 1826. The bill passed the Assembly Floor with 54 votes and Senate Floor with 23 votes. Now it will come back to the Assembly for concurrence.

AB 1594 (Williams) Compostable Organics Management

Summary. AB 1594 (Williams) will eliminate a loophole in state law that allows some yard trimmings and prunings that are used as landfill cover to count as being “diverted” from landfills. This state law virtually subsidizes the landfilling of this valuable material and is a major disincentive for recycling organics.

Position and Status.

CAW is co-sponsoring AB 1594 with the California Compost Coalition. The bill has passed the Assembly and now in Senate Fiscal Committee.

SB 270 (Padilla, de León, and Lara) Single Use Grocery Bags

Summary Phases out single-use plastic grocery bags. Reusable, paper, and (in certain jurisdictions) compostable plastic bags can only be distributed with a minimum 10 cent charge. Includes standards and incentives for plastic bag manufacturers to transition to making reusable bags.

Position and Status

CAW Supports. The bill passed the Senate Floor on August 29 (22-15) and previously passed the Assembly Floor (45-31) on August 28. It now heads to Governer Brown's desk for consideration.


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