Mar 2 - Pacific Grove Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags, Residents Applaud

Pacific Grove has joined over 135 California cities and counties that have enacted a local ban on single-use plastic bags. Local residents told televisions KION-TV and KSWH-TV that they think their local ban is a good thing. "I think it's wonderful," Pacific Grove resident Kathryn Splivalo told KION -TV. "The plastic bags pollute. You see them blowing around. You see them in the ocean and it doesn't hurt to buy a bag."

For KION-TV coverage, click here.

For KSWB-TV coverage, click here.

Meanwhile in the Palm Springs, area Desert Sun Editorial Board has come out opposed to the plastic industry's referendum to delay and repeal California's statewide ban on the bags.

Click on this link to support CA vs. Big Plastic, a coalition of environmental groups including Californians Against Waste, local grocery stores and the communities they serve. CA vs. Big Plastic is leading the fight against Big Plastic's referendum. Out-of-state plastic companies have already spent $6.5 million to fight the statewide and locals ban, and are expected to spend up to $50 million on the referendum campaign.


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