Feb 27 - San Diego Union Tribune Highlights Californians Preparing to Increase Composting under New CAW-Sponsored Law

More California businesses and multi-family dwellings will send their food waste and yard debris to composting centers under a new law sponsored by Californians Against Waste that goes into effect on in 2016. The San Diego Union Tribune today reported on the excitement building over new opportunities generated by AB 1826 that will help build a more sustainable economy.

AB 1826, authored by Assembly Member Wes Chesbro, requires commercial generators of organic waste to subscribe to composting or anaerobic digestion services to ensure the waste does not contribute to landfills, where it becomes a significant source of greenhouse gases. When AB 1826 goes into effect, more organic waste will be turned into new soil, fertilizer and other useful products that create jobs and sustainable materials used in a variety of California industries.

"Despite California's robust recycling infrastructure for traditional recyclables, the state continues to landfill organic materials at an alarming rate" said Nick Lapis, Legislative Coordinator for Californians Against Waste. "In fact, food is the most prevalent item in the disposed waste stream and over 40% of all material going to landfills is readily compostable or anaerobically digestible. This is simply unacceptable, and it is irresponsible of us to waste this valuable material."

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