Nov 27 - Let's Give Thanks

On behalf of all of us at Californians Against Waste, we want to thank you for your faith and support. Together we have accomplished so much this past year—quite literally setting in motion changes that will pay back dividends for our health, environment and economy in the short-term and for decades to come.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to do this work and be a part of this change. Thank you.

As we work to create a less wasteful and more sustainable society, we are emboldened with the knowledge that these changes are about so much more than ‘saving the planet’. Buying less stuff, is not about ‘sacrificing’, but rather it may very well be the path to saving us, both collectively and individually.

This recent article in the Atlantic ‘Buy Experiences, Not Things’ helped me to crystalize this connection.

Let us know what you plan on doing during the holidays instead of buying more stuff.

We are all Californians Against Waste.