Nov 26 - A Small Rule to Prevent Big Food Waste

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The season of indulgence is upon us. From gourmet-laden tables to gift-laden (reusable!) shopping bags, many of us tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to celebrating the holidays. We at CAW have talked a lot about how we can prevent wasting ‘stuff’ and packaging, but there is an enormous amount of food waste associated with the holiday season as well.
In fact, according to, 204 million pounds of turkey gets thrown out after Thanksgiving. This sense of indulgence doesn’t just lead to wastefulness, it also has huge implications for our personal health. And so Michael Pollan has come up with another quick food rule: take back control of your plate. Even if the bird is big and the pie selection bigger; even if the restaurant portion is huge, be conscious of only putting only what you can comfortably on your plate. It is a good holiday season reminder to make healthier (often smaller) choices for the sake of our health as well as the global food waste problem.
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!