Aug 14 - Good Day for Recycling Bills

It's been a good day for recycling as CAW's top three legislation have all advanced today, issues that CAW has been working hard on for the last few years and hope that they will bear fruit this year (pun intended).


  • AB 1826 (Chesbro) which requires businesses to recycle their organic waste, passed on concurrence and is headed to the governor's desk.
  • AB 1594 (Williams) eliminates a loophole in state law that allows some yard trimmings and prunings that are used as landfill cover to count as being "diverted" from landfills, passed out of Senate Fiscal Committee and now heads to the Senate Floor for a full vote.

AB 1826 and AB 1594 will help to return organic materials to soils, drastically reduces the environmental impacts of landfills, reduces greenhouse gases, creates jobs, and helps sustain California's agricultural industry.

  • SB 270 (Padilla, de Leon and Lara), which would ban single-use plastic grocery bags statewide, passed out of the Assembly Fiscal Committee and now heads to the Assembly Floor for a full vote.

Thank you to all of our members who sent in support letters on these important bills!



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