Aug 12 - Happy 37th Birthday CAW!

Today marks Californians Against Waste's 37th year as an organization. Founded in 1977, CAW started as a small grassroots organization and has grown to become the nation's oldest, largest and most effective non-profit environmental organization advocating for waste reduction and recycling policy. For over three decades, CAW has been involved in the shaping and passage of nearly every successful recycling policy in the state of California.

We like to take this time of the year to thank all of the people who made this success possible: thousands of our members, environmentalists, recycling experts, and lawmakers at the state and local level.

At our Birthday Bash tonight, we will be honoring three particular champions of the waste reduction and recycling movement. Our honored legislators include Senator Kevin De León, and Assembly Member Das Williams. We will also be presenting Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro with the "Lifetime Recyling Champion" award for his long term commitment and integrity to the environmental movement in California. Learn more about our legislators of the year.

CAW is funded mainly by individual donations, help support our efforts by giving us a birthday present! Donate $37 for our 37th year!