Apr 22 - UC Davis Launches Anaerobic Digester

UC Davis celebrated Earth Day by launching a 50-ton-per-day anaerobic digester at its old landfill, west of campus. The digester was built by Sacramento-based CleanWorld, using technology developed at UC Davis.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi spoke at the opening: "The biodigester is the latest chapter in UC Davis’ world-renowned legacy of environmental sustainability. This project stands as a model public-private partnership and demonstrates what can be achieved when research universities and private industry collaborate to address society’s most pressing challenges."

The biodigester takes organic waste from UC Davis dining halls, animal facilities and grounds. Bacterial microbes in oxygen-deprived tanks feast on campus and community food and yard waste to help generate renewal electricity.

It is expected that the Davis biodigester will generate up to 5.6 million kWh of renewable electricity and reduce 13,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

(Graphic by Russ Thebaud/UC Davis)

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