Apr 21 - Supreme Court Upholds SF Bag Ban, Denies Petition

San Francisco's bag ordinance won its latest and final legal battle last week when the state Supreme Court unanimously rejected a petition to review a Court of Appeals ruling.

The appellate ruling in December affirmed a lower court ruling that, contrary to the complaint filed by the plastic bag industry, San Francisco's bag ban for all retail stores and restaurants did not violate the California Environmental Quality Act, nor was it preempted by CA Retail Food Code.

This is the third time a petition for review on a bag ban ruling has been rejected by the Supreme Court. Last year, two separate petitions on the Los Angeles County and Marin County bag ordinances were both filed by the industry and rejected.

More than 100 local governments have an adopted bag ordinance, but the remaining two thirds of the state's population still needs a solution to end plastic bag pollution. Learn more about SB 270.