Oct 21 - 3 Ways to Reduce Disposable Razor Waste

As much as two billion razor blades are thrown out each year--many of them attached to disposable plastic shaving handles.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of shaving while reducing your single-use plastic waste, consider a few options:

1. Shave with a metal safety razor. Read more about purchasing and using these relic items and compatible razor blades in a myplasticfreelife.com blog. Men may also opt for a straight razor, as described with a link to clear instructions for use, here.

2. Extend the life of your razor blade--whether it is for a disposable or reusable shaver. In doing so, you can still get a good shave but will save money and reduce waste by decreasing your frequency in buying new razors or blades.

Over time and with use, a razor blade gets warped until it is no longer sharp. There are two ways to delay this. Using patented technology, the Blade Buddy, a silicon pad that is used to help push the blade back into position, will extend the life of a razor blade by up to months. It comes with a 2 year warranty. A simpler method for restoring a dull blade is to run it down a pair of jeans.

3. The Preserve razor has refillable blades and a recyclable handle that you can return back to the company, along with yogurt cups and other polypropylene plastics, under it's Gimme 5 program. Find out more on their website.