Oct 18 - New Rule Simplifies Payment at Recycling Centers, Eff. Nov 1

CalRecycle will be rolling out changes to the Bottle Bill program as part of SB 96 signed into law by Gov. Brown. Effective Nov. 1, 2013, Buyback recycling centers will only pay CRV for segregated transactions with consumers (i.e. no more commingled rate payments at buybacks).

Recycling Centers may continue to accept and pay scrap value for non-CRV materials. Collectors who have been servicing bars and restaurants will need to be certified as ‘collection programs’ (which is technically already required by current law) in order to receive the ‘commingled rate’ as a collection program.

Commingled rate abuse has been a source of considerable fund leakage. According to CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen in a press release, "This much-needed revision to CRV refund options will simplify transactions for consumers and recycling centers alike. By eliminating payments for non-CRV material, we also protect the beverage container recycling fund by ensuring CRV refunds go only toward those bottles and cans included in the program."

In addition to moving to a segregated rate mandatory use of DORIIS, SB 96 also establishes new certification and training requirement for recyclers, and clarifying statute regarding out-of-state containers fraud to make it easier to prosecute those who illegally redeem out-of-state containers.