Sept 18 - Saturday Is Coastal Cleanup Day

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not participate in California’s largest volunteer event: California Coastal Cleanup Day, Saturday, Sept. 21.

It’s part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, which is the world’s largest volunteer event.

Why a Cleanup Day?
Plastic pollution including plastic bags, food and beverage containers can easily travel from inland waterways, storm drains and sewers; it also gets picked up by the wind, ending up on the coast. If not removed, this debris will end up in the ocean. Beach cleanups are the last chance to prevent this debris from causing harm to our oceans, to wildlife, and to our ocean economies.

How to help
Click here to find a Cleanup location. Then call the coordinator to volunteer. In addition to finding out where to go, you will find out what to expect and what to bring.

Help stop the damage caused by marine debris. Sign up today!