Sept 18 - Governor to Sign Bill Extending Tire Recycling Program

Governor Brown has said that he intends to sign AB 8 (Perea), which will extend funding for several of California’s most successful environmental clean up programs, including CalRecycle's tire recycling program and the successfull Carl Moyer program.

AB 8 will continue funding for the state’s tire recycling program, which has resulted in a dramatic reduction in illegally dumped and stockpiled tires, such as those in the 1999 tire fire in Westley that resulted in $25 million in clean up costs for state and local governments.

The ongoing funding for this program will allow CalRecycle to continue to shift its focus from preventing and cleaning up tire piles to increasing California-based recycling markets for waste tires.

AB 8 will also extend AB 118 programs that have helped support cutting edge technologies to convert food waste to energy through anaerobic digestion processes.

When food waste, the most prevalent item in the waste stream, breaks rot in a landfill, it produces methane--a powerful Greenhouse Gas. When this material is sent to an anaerobic digester instead of the landfill, it can be converted into carbon-negative fuel and organic soil amendment.

This technology is an essential tool in achieving California’s Greenhouse Gas, recycling and low-carbon fuel goals.

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Photo credit: Illinois EPA

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