Mar 13 - Los Altos Adopts Bag Ordinance

Los Altos adopted a local ordinance banning single-use plastic bags on Tuesday, March 12.

The ordinance applies to all retailers selling food, clothing or personal items and places an initial 10 cent fee on reusable or paper bags. The ordinance goes into effect on July 4 of this year.

With the adoption of this ordinance, the total number of local governments with bag ordinances in California rises to 69. Momentum is building as other communities are preparing to adopt local ordinances in the coming weeks and months.

This legislative session, Senator Alex Padilla has introduced SB 405, which would ban single-use plastic bags in supermarkets and drugstores statewide and allow the sale of paper or reusable bags.

Take Action! The first legislative committee to consider the bill is likely the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. Send a support letter to the chair, Senator Jerry Hill, and let him know you want a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Find out more about CAW’s Plastic Litter and Waste Reduction Campaign.