Mar 12 - Three More Cities Take Action to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

Three more cities have taken action to restrict single-use plastic bags yesterday. San Carlos adopted its reusable bag ordinance, while Palo Alto and Redwood City both approved the first reading of their ordinances.

San Carlos’ ordinance prohibits retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags and requires them to charge 10 cents for each reusable and paper bag. The ordinance will go into effect on July 1 of this year.

Palo Alto approved the first reading of its ordinance, which would expand its existing ban of single-use plastic bags and add a 10 cent paper bag charge at grocery stores to include all retail stores by June 1 of this year. It extends to restaurants on Nov. 1.

Redwood City approved the first reading of its ordinance, which would ban single-use plastic bags in all retail stores and charge a fee for reusable bags and paper bags.

See a list of all 68 cities and counties in California that have adopted local ordinances banning single-use plastic bags.

Did you know that the state is considering a bag ban? Find out more about Senate Bill 405 and send in a support letter.