Dec 15 - Kudos to UC Davis For Zero Waste Stadium

The University of California (UC) at Davis--the largest school in the UC system in size and third largest in enrollment--was recently highlighted in the National Geographic Magazine for its athletic stadium which boasts a 100% diversion rate.

This means that no waste from the Aggie Stadium and its events go to the landfill, and everything is either recycled or composted.

According to the article, the stadium has been open since 2007. Thanks to well thought planning and purchasing, the university allows recyclable or compostable food packaging products (such as paper boxes for candy and compostable straws) and excludes difficult-to-recycle items (such as drink lids) from being distributed and collected at stadium events.

Other schools, including nearby UC Berkeley, are reportedly asking university staff for advice on how to achieve zero waste at their own stadiums.