Dec 15 - Country's Largest Food Digester Opens in Sac

Clean World Partners and Atlas Disposal opened the Sacramento Area Biodigester today, which will be the country's first commercial-scale standalone food waste digester.

The digester will initially recycle 25 tons of food waste per day (10,000 tons per year), and will scale up to 100 tons per day next year. Using a technology developed at UC Davis, the digester will use the scraps from local restaurants to create low-carbon fuel for garbage trucks and school buses, as well as renewable energy and a valuable soil amendment for area farms. In addition to the construction jobs, the facility will employ 16 people on an ongoing basis.

CAW has been a long time supporter of Clean World Partners (and anaerobic digestion more broadly), and we look forward to the spread of this technology. Projects like these will be key to achieving our state's recycling goals.