Dec 4 - Demand for U.S. Recycled Plastic Rising

Demand for U.S. post-consumer recycled plastic is expected to rise 6.5% per year to nearly 3.5 billion pounds in 2016, according to a recent study by Freedonia Group Inc, an industry market research firm.
Packaging is the biggest market for recycled plastic and beverage containers continue to be the leading source of plastic for recycling, thanks in part to robust collection capacity and Bottle Bill laws in 10 states. PET and HDPE are the two leading resins used in recycled plastic products, accounting for more than 70% of demand, while LDPE is the fastest growing recycled resin.
The increase demand for recycled plastic can be attributed to growing emphasis on sustainability among packaging and consumer product manufacturers, improved processing and sorting technologies that can handle more plastic resins, and improved collection infrastructures, according to the "Recycled Plastics" study. Support by federal, state, and local governments aid recycling efforts.
As for CAW, we have been encouring use of the post-consumer recycled plastic through the Rigid Plastic Packaging Container law and its updates, and through the Plastic Market Development program.

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