Nov 26 - Burbank Recycling Center Resumes CRV Payments

Burbank Recycling Center has now resumed its beverage container buy-back operations, after 10 months of suspension due to a fraud case against a former operator at the site.

CRV redemption for beverage containers from curbside recycling were halted last December at the facility after its former operators, Geoff Folsom and Burbank Recycling Inc., were investigated for defrauding the bottle bill program out of $33 million in fraudulent recycling.

The city working with a new contractor, Burrtec Waste Industries Inc., has since worked with CalRecycle to receive certifications to pay out CRV reimbursements for containers. The Facility has been successfully reinstated on November 1, 2012.

According to Kreigh Hampel, the city's recycling coordinator, "This is great news for local residents who have supported the city's recycling program since 1984."

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