Nov 1 - Plastic Pollution Bans Start in Three West Coast Cities

November 1 marks the first day of operation for several local ordinances against plastic pollution.

San Leandro, CA - foam takeout container ordinancehttp://www.cawrecycles.orgfiles/images/polystyrenelitter.jpg

Starting today, restaurants in the City of San Leandro will no longer use foam takeout containers. The City adopted the ordinance in October 2011.

Expanded polystyrene foam is a lightweight material that breaks up easily, making it hard to collect and clean up after on our beaches and streets. Moreover, it is not cost-effective to recycle, especially once food contamination has occurred. Learn more on our website.

Bainbridge Island, WA - plastic bag ordinance

A ban on plastic bags and five cent charge on paper bags is now in effect for all Bainbridge Island retail stores. The council adopted the ordinance to encourage reusable bags back in April, modeled after similar ordinances in Bellingham and Seattle.

Media reports indicate that a major grocer in the area supported the ordinance, and the transition is expected to be smooth and effective in reducing single-use bag waste.

Port Townsend, WA - plastic bag ordinance

Also in Washington, the City of Port Townsend has a bag ordinance (banning plastic, charging 5 cents for paper) becoming operative today in all stores. In July the city became the seventh in the state to adopt a bag ordinance. See the full list here.

Learn more about plastic bag pollution. Take action on local ordinances.