Oct 31 - Be Green This Halloween

Happy Halloween!

For those who want to make their Halloween a little more enviromentally-friendly, here are some helpful tips:

  • Buy costumes and decorations from a second-hand store, or think up creative costume ideas using items found mostly at home and at a thrift store.
  • After use, be sure to store your costumes and decorations for next year, or donate them.
  • Trick-or-treat with your clean reusable bags--the safe and environmentally superior alternative to single-use bags.
  • Remind your children to hold on to their candy wrappers until they get home if you allow them to snack along the way.
  • Walk or bike to get around the neighborhood. If you have little ones, put them in a wagon or stroller.
  • Compost your jack-o-lanterns and other compostable food waste leftovers from parties.

CAW hopes everyone enjoys a safe and happy night of festivities this evening.