Oct 3 - Toronto Council Rejects Mayor's Attempt to Reconsider Bag Ban

The largest bag ban in North America can go into effect in Toronto on January 1, 2013 as planned.

Earlier today, the Toronto City Council voted against reconsidering the plastic bag ban. The most vocal opponent of the ban, Mayor Rob Ford, tried to remove a charge on plastic bags this past summer in June. His plan backfired when council agreed to remove the bag charge but replace it with a full-out plastic bag ban.

The vote to reconsider the ban failed 18-27 today, a considerable loss for Ford and other bag ban opponents who needed another dozen votes.

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has threatened to sue the city for its action. However, in the US, industry-funded lawsuits have failed to succeed time and time again, most recently in San Luis Obispo County.

According to media, a bylaw for implementation of the ban will be presented to Council at the next meeting and would require a majority vote.

Toronto is the fifth largest city by population in North America. The City of Los Angeles, the third most populated city, is currently taking public input on a proposed bag ordinance.

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