Sept 1 - Clock Runs out on Mattress Recycling

Time ran out Friday on a bill that would have helped reduce illegal mattress dumping by requiring manufacturers to take back used mattresses at the end of life at no cost to the consumers.

SB 1118 (Hancock) would have required mattress manufacturers to be responsible for developing, financing and implementing a convenient and cost effective program to collect and recycle used mattresses generated in this state.

The bill enjoyed broad coalition of support from local government, CA Retailers Association, environmental groups and recyclers.

The measure passed the Assembly Floor with a resounding 48-31 vote. But the bill did not pass the Senate Floor when it came up for a "concurrence" vote before the constitutional midnight deadline to pass legislation, killing the bill.

Thanks for all those who've sent in support letter. We will have to tackle this issue once the legislature returns.


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