Aug 31 - Millbrae Bag Ban Starts Tomorrow

Starting September 1, 2012, stores in the City of Millbrae will now be plastic bag free.

Read more about plastic bag pollution and its impact to our environment and economy.

The City held an information session on the ordinance in late August, with reusable bag giveaways, to help citizens prepare for the ban. Recycled content paper bags may be purchased for 10 cents each.

The ordinance was passed in February 2012. The City's process was facilitated with the Manhattan Beach bag ban victory in the CA Supreme Court in July of 2011. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Manhattan Beach that an Environmental Impact Report was not required for its plastic bag ban.

Earlier this week, hearings were held related to plastic bag bans in both San Francisco and San Luis Obispo County. Rulings are anticipated to be favorable for the local agencies, and should be decided in September.

It's the last day of the CA legislative session which ends at midnight. Write to your State Senator and urge them to support AB 298, the state bag bill!