Mar 30 - Fed Considers Prohibiting Federal Contractors from Landfilling E-waste


Earlier, we reported that the US General Services Administrator (GSA) announced new guidelines banning all federal agencies from disposing of electronic waste in landfills.

Now, GSA plans on releasing draft regulation stating federal contractors who use federal funds to purchase electronic equipment such as laptops, cell phones, copy machines, etc will be prohibited from disposing of used electronic devices in landfills.

According to Bloomberg, the draft version will be released within 90 days. The new regulations are the latest step by the Obama administration to improve management of electronic waste.

CAW is supportive of this move because the Federal Government, as the nation's largest consumer of electronics, should be a model for proper e-waste management. A recent GAO report found federal agencies still have a long way to go in managing their own e-waste. Federal agenices disposes of 10,000 computers every week, highlighting the need to establish more control over the disposition of e-waste. Since 2006, California recognized the danger of disposing e-waste in the landfill and has banned the disposal.

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