Feb 22 - Recycling Exposition in Stockton

The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and the Green Team San Joaquin is hosting a Recycling Exposition on March 14th in Stockton, to explore solutions and common sense approaches to optimizing the Green Economy.

Registration is now open for the Recycling Exposition(REXPO) 8 Unplugged on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 from 7 am to 2 pm. Cabinet Secretary Matt Rodriquez of the California Environmental Protection Agency (CALEPA) is this year's Lunch Keynote Speaker. The cost to attend the Keynote Lunch Address is $30 per person.

REXPO 8 Unplugged will showcase over 65 exhibitors, demonstrating that their products, services and innovations are drivers for economic prosperity in California. Attending the panel presentations and viewing the exhibits are free and open to the public, however you must pre-register. Click here to register.

The "Unplugged" theme represents two concepts - energy efficiency and recyclable material. Currently, the majority of the recycled materials collected in the state are shipped to other parts of the US or to global markets. Ensuring that the recyclable materials are recycled into new products domestically will help reinvigorate our economy supporting local businesses and also help greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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