Feb 1 - Berkeley Opts for Stronger Plastic Bag Ban


The Berkeley City Council voted yesterday evening to strengthen its single-use bag ordinance.

Under the Alameda County Waste Management Authority (StopWaste.org) bag ordinance adopted last month, large grocery and convenience stores in Berkeley will stop distributing single-use plastic bags by next year. Paper bags and reusable bags will be allowed for an initial price of 10 cents each.

Berkeley, and other Alameda County incorporated cities, have the option of using the StopWaste.org Environmental Impact Report to expand their ordinance to other retail stores. The Berkeley City Council is choosing to take that extra step, and CAW hopes to see other cities follow. More stores covered by an ordinance means less single-use bag waste and pollution.

According to the Daily Californian, the Council directed the Berkeley City Manager to draft a stronger ordinance that includes non-profit retail stores and other retailers under the ordinance. It would go into effect on the scheduled January 1, 2013 date. Stay tuned on our website for updates on this process.

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